PVC Folding Doors/Accordion Doors

PVC Folding Doors

The PVC Folding doors otherwise called as Accordion doors or folding partitions are best supplied in UAE by Doors and Shades system.
 These folding partitions in UAE are custom made & can be installed for a maximum height of 4500mm and unlimited width.
 Our customers are provided with five options on colors to choose from, so as to make their environment colorful.
 These doors are made from PVC panels 12 mm thick & light weighed interlocked with each other in track, & can be opened in one direction or both.
 How it operates?
 These folding partitions/folding doors are installed to have the best affordable partitions. Our experienced team takes the actual measurements to customize the size of partitions required. These partitions are interconnected with small panels which make to move in one direction with the help of rollers which are installed on the top.
 Application:These pvc folding partitions are installed for apartments, villas, schools, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants,Kitchens,arches e.t.c
 Easy installation
 Minimum Drilling
 Minimum Installation time
 Lockable Door   Metal Lock for security purposes.
 Highly Durable
 Cost Effective
 PVC Folding Doors Space Management:
 These doors are highly recommended for kiosks where space have to be properly utilized especially in shopping malls. These doors are installed to utilize minimum space and where all the swing door installation is not possible.
 Doors and Shades System are the proud manufacturer and suppliers of cost effective and high quality PVC folding doors otherwise called as folding partitions in UAE.